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Fully Biodegradable Bopp Film No Micro Plastics No Trace

No negative environmental impact Direct replacement and implementation

Protect the environment from single use plastics and littering

Protect your brand from social behaviour and ensure NO TRACE

Align social responsibility and sustainability goals

Affordable solution for a direct replacement

Small cost premium compared to standard films

Eco Flex from Film & Foil is a new generation of environmental films offering full biodegradability from new technology that chemically transforms the polymer chains into bio-available oiligomers in a way that naturally occurring bacteria and fungi on land will be able to access and fully convert into CO2, water and biomass.

Benefits and Features

• Film & Foil can supply the Eco-Flex Film with all the same processes such as; printed, perforated, centre folded so it is an immediate and direct replacement to standard BOPP films

•Material integrity and functionality of film is the same during use and handling

• Bespoke the degradation process timing to meet the functional needs and conditions of the material use (From 6 to 36 Months)

• No special storage conditions or process changes needed to use Eco Flex film

• Make the change to an environmentally safe film without any transitional difficulty or the cost effect offered by alternatives.

• Compatible with recycling within the product’s service life

• Cast PP and PE to be launched in Mid 2020

Our full range of products, including technical information and certificates can be obtained as part of the individual product brochures, available below:

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