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Join the ranks of our customers who have saved money from our audits and continue to benefit

What is the Audit?

We believe that a good business isn't one that just sells a product to a customer but works with them to achieve an overall goal of being sustainable while also saving money!

There is huge pressure on companies to reduce their effect on the planet and we believe our 200+ years of combined industry and market knowledge can benefit companies in reducing their packaging by 96 tonnes

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After all the BBC blue planet coverage and looking at the facts of the impact we are having on the planet we believe that replacement of plastic is not the way to go but this doesn't mean that we shouldn't be making progress to reduce the waste and unnecessary plastic while saving money!

To start the ball rolling we wanted to ensure we got our facts right hence we researched into reports, a Danish report shows when looking at a single-use plastic bag vs a bag for life the bag for life would have to be used 52 times every week for a whole year to break even with the environmental impact it has created vs a single-use plastic bag.

So why not use a cotton reusable bag?

This would actually be needed to be used 20,000 times every day for 50 years due to the resources it uses.

So how does this relate to our packaging audit?

We know that an excess of packaging causes more waste but having plastic packaging does benefit us, a UK report shows that only 3 % of food in the UK is wasted in the transportation process due to the packaging we have but when you compare this to developing countries 50% of their food is ruined in transport due to poor packaging or the inability to use plastic packaging.

Our packaging Audit has been successful for several years and we have so many great stories to go along with them we are very proud that all the customers we have worked with so far have saved money by reducing the amount of plastic they require for each job.

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