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Environmental Solutions

Full range of sizes available High quality, fast turn around

Environmentally accredited films Range of options to suit application & requirement

The environmental credentials expected by consumers

We have a full range of Environmental films which provide a range of technical characteristics, dependant on the requirement and environmental factors.

PLA (Corn Starch Based);

Produced from renewable biomass which will degrade between 12 and 18 months under the correct conditions, and faster (40-60 days) under industrial composting conditions  


Bio and Cellulose films suitable for home composting in line with EU regulation EN13432


Bi-product of refined oil, providing the same handling effects as our standard BOPP films but extruded with pro-degradant additives for enhanced bio-degradation.

All our film is responsibly sourced to provide the highest quality, through a robust supply chain and stock holding we are able to offer single-source, consistent quality products at very competitive prices without compromise.

Our full range of products, including technical information and certificates can be obtained as part of the individual product brochures, available below:

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