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Roller Wash

Film & Foil roller wash is a high quality rejuvenator designed to maximise the lifespan of rubber lamination rollers by removing paper dust, ink and other contaminates. This improves efficiency, prevents downtime and extends the life of the rollers.

Poorly maintained rollers will dry out, crack or stick, not only causing downtime for replacement, but potentially damaging the printed matter being laminated.

The product is sold in 5ltr containers which can be ordered and delivered alongside your film requirements.

Printers Rags

An essential for every print finisher - bags of rags are key to keeping your machine running efficiently, without cross contamination between jobs. Sold as 10kg bag, which can be ordered along side your standard film requirements.


Our high quality polyolefin heat shrink film is ideal for sealing printed sheets ready for transport, storage or delivery. Polyolefin is a high clarity material with excellent heat shrink properties, providing a protective layer once sealed as well as adding stability to stacked sheets.

Pallet / Stretch Wrap

High quality stretch film for wrapping pallets and other products. Machine rolls at 500m, Hand rolls Wound onto extra wide cores for easy application without an additional applicator. Excellent static properties for secure wrapping & ease of use. A strong and cost efficient method of binding and securing stacked pallets for storage, stability or transport.

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