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Encapsulation Films

Polyester (PET) Seal and Waterproof Gloss & Matt Matched Rolls

High Gloss Small Rolls Consistent Source FDA Compliant

Best for waterproofing and life extension, Film & Foil’s range of polyester (PET) based encapsulation films are of high quality, long-life; low melt lamination films are available in matt and gloss finishes, most commonly used to achieve a total seal around printed material.

Traditionally, encapsulation lends itself to products such as maps, menus, display graphics, loyalty cards, ID badges and banners, although any product which faces rough treatment will benefit from an encapsulation finish.

Quality is king and we rigorously test our films to ensure that they are of the highest quality and cause no damage to the printed material as well as providing high resistance to scuffing, scratching & tearing and excellent adhesion to coated papers and inks.

EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) adhesive is used to provide a strong bond both "film to film" and "film to substrate". This creates durability and flexibility without damaging the product. To achieve a fully waterproof seal, an overlap is usually left around the edge. The film is also bonded to the printed material’s surface so this overlap can be trimmed, where a waterproof seal is not required.

All our film is responsibly sourced to provide the highest quality, and through a robust supply chain and stock holding we are able to offer single-source, consistent quality products at very competitive prices without compromise.

Our factory in Haydock operates under strict controls that allow us to work in the food and medical industries. All our lamination films are food contact safe and have EU and FDA certification.

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