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FF Diamond Velvet

Exceptional Green Tac Perfect for Hot Foil Stamping High Bond Strength

Improved Anti-Scuff, Scratch and Anti-Marking Double Sided Spot UV Compatible No Ghosting No Risk Of Spoilage Enhanced Silky Peach Skin Texture

Suited To Fast Turnaround Print Jobs

Velvet Diamond is a luxury film new to the industry, unique in the UK lamination market and exclusively available from Film & Foil. this film solves all the problems with current velvet feel products. This industry-changing product has improved sweat, tear and fingerprint resistance to create a long-lasting durable professional finish which keeps on giving.

With advanced technical capabilities, the newly developed Velvet Diamond from Film & Foil not only feels but behaves better than any other Velvet Matt or soft feel film. Compatible with hot stamping foil applications as well as both single and double-sided spot UV this film is as flexible as it is robust. Proven oil, sweat and grease which will protect the finished print, extending and improving its life as well as providing a silky, peach-skin like luxury feel.

Standard velvet films have long been used in the industry as the go-to luxury finish, but this is the new improved must have for the industry.

This product has excellent hot stamping performance resulting in an Anti-Scuff like performance and luxury feel, excellent no ghosting characteristics give great performance for spot UV and hot foil stamping.

Exclusive Improved anti-scuff and anti-marking characteristics mean a significantly lower number of machine rejection and reduced damage during processing, as well as fewer customer complaints reducing the overall cost of luxury lamination to the UK industry. Customers especially like this film because of reduced fingerprint and handling marks, compared to similar films.

Film & Foil have partnered with TroFilms Germany to produce this luxury product exclusive to the UK,Film & Foils customers benefit from our longstanding partnership with TroFilms, allowing us t provide the best in specialty lamination to the UK market. The Film Itself has been engineered to perform and has been protected internationally giving F & F the sale distribution rights of this game-changing lamination film to the UK market.

Our full range of products, including technical information and certificates can be obtained as part of the individual product brochures, available below.

This films benefits come without any compromise to the normal, high quality of Film & Foil’s products. All our film is sourced reliably to provide the highest quality. Through a robust supply chain and stock holding we are able to offer single-source, consistent quality products at a competitive price.

As a specialist converter, we have the expertise and capability to produce custom roll widths and lengths with low minimum order quantities, improving productivity and reducing waste.

Our factory in Haydock operates under strict controls that allow us to work in the food and medical industries.

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