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Thermal Lamination

High bond Standard Stock Sizes Heat Activated Over Printable

Speciality Surfaces High Gloss Spot UV Foil Blocking

Consistent Source FDA Compliant Matt & Silk Available

Providing strength and durability to printed media, Film & Foil’s thermal lamination films are bi-axially orientated polypropylene with a uniform covering of heat-activated adhesive on one surface of the film. Ideal for single and double-sided lamination, the film is perfect for a wide range of applications including book covers and jackets, magazines, brochures, maps, gift wrap, calendars, point of sale material and more.

Also known as dry lamination, the film is applied to the substrate using only pressure and heat to activate the adhesive. This allows a wide range of "film to film" and "film to foil" applications.

Perfect for enhancing and strengthening printed media, our range of films offers improved durability as well as resistance to tearing and stretching. Due to a consistent thickness, the film is compatible with a wide range of paper and board types maximizing the varied applications it can be used for. High gloss and transparency provide a high quality, professional finish.

Film & Foil’s thermal lamination film has a strong history of performance with all machine and separation types including high speed and smaller desktop machines. For bespoke, premium and high quality printers looking to further enhance the finish of a thermal laminate, it can be developed by post lamination finishing such as full coverage and spot UV varnishing, embossing, folding, die-cutting, hot foil stamping and silk screen printing; all of which are compatible with our thermal lamination films.

In recent times we have identified a global trend by some manufacturers to sacrifice the quality of thermal lamination films to reduce costs. This has been achieved by reducing the EVA thickness and as a result there has been a substantial increase in both quality issues during production and customer rejection levels. In line with our commitment to quality, Film & Foil have maintained the thickness of our thermal lamination range and have strongly resisted the temptation to bring lower quality products to market and put our customers at risk.

The thicker film, provided by Film & Foil, gives excellent machine performance, which translates into less waste, lower costs and reduced risk. It also provides a tougher and longer lasting protective finish.

All our film is sourced reliably to provide the highest quality. Through a robust supply chain and stock holding we are able to offer single-source, consistent quality products at a very competitive prices without compromise.

As a specialist film converter, Film & Foil can offer customer specific roll widths, lengths and core sizes, maximising productivity while minimising waste and cost to the customer.

Our factory in Haydock operates under strict controls that allow us to work in the food and medical industries. All our thermal lamination films are food contact safe and have FDA certification.

Film & Foil's lamination films are 100% recyclable

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